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Brands that don’t leverage the advanced analytics and tools available today are being left behind. Therefore, we have developed powerful solutions, such as Algofy Insight and Algofy AI, to help keep our clients and partners steps ahead of the competition.

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Through Algofy Insight you can access market share data for any segment. You will be able to see your competitor’s online sales data with incredible accuracy. Algofy Insight also provides awareness of the number of brands entering the market over time.

Algofy AI is a platform that allows us to use automated features for PPC targeting based on your KPIs. The automation saves time, but even more important is the platform's ability to identify opportunities and provide recommendations to improve performance.

We first use Algofy Insight to analyze a given market segment’s search volume, costs, and relative competition across relevant search terms. Algofy Insight groups these terms into themes which we use to build out a keyword targeting structure based on intent.

It’s not only about how much data you have, but also what you do with it that’s important. Through Algofy Insight data on Competition, Market Share, Search Terms, and more, you can gain access to actionable insights you need to optimize your marketing strategy.

What We offer

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Algofy AI

Algofy AI provides a powerful AI-based bidding algorithm for Amazon PPC management. Save time and stay ahead of your competition with never-ending optimization.
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Algofy Insight

Algofy Insight is a multi-dimensional platform for advanced analytics. From competition and market segment data to powerful keyword planning and more.
Competitor Analysis

Market Analysis

Leverage Algofy Insight to access market share data for any product category. Gain visibility on the number of brands entering the market, competitor sales data, and overall market growth.
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Inventory Planning

Our advanced analytics and a team of professionals can help project needed inventory ahead of time in order to maximize returns throughout the year.
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Customized Reporting

Through Algofy Insight, we can connect to any data source and provide custom dashboards with the resources you need for improved decision-making for your business.
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Conversion Tracking

Our team can help make sure the measurement of your online traffic matches your back-end numbers as closely as possible on any ad platform or Google Analytics.


Can I get access to Algofy Insight market segment reports?

We offer these reports to our management clients free of charge. Besides, we’re also happy to walk you through the key takeaways in order to provide you with the most impact. Contact us for more information.

Is Algofy AI available as a self-service platform?

Yes! While we utilize Algofy AI daily for our managed brands, you can also take full advantage of Algofy’s proprietary AI for yourself. Contact us to get in touch with Algofy AI support and get started today.

How do you price Customized Reporting?

Since it is tailored to specific client needs, Customized Reporting pricing depends on a few different variables: the number of data sources, whether Algofy remains in charge of ongoing query maintenance, and overall scope and detail requested in the deliverable. After having an initial call, we will provide a proposal with custom pricing for your request.

Can you help normalize sales to adjust for seasonality?

Many outdoor brands experience drastic shifts in sales from peak to offseason. Depending on the category, increasing ad spend can certainly help compensate for volatility, but this often comes with sacrificing ROI due to decreased market demand. At a minimum, our advanced analytics can help project needed inventory ahead of time in order to maximize returns throughout the year.

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