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Get an edge on your competition by leveraging Algofy’s two-pronged approach: 1) Powerful tools and 2) Industry experts. One of the tools we use daily is Algofy AI, the Amazon platform that can automate thousands of advertising adjustments each day based on your brand’s KPIs. You will also receive a dedicated team of account managers that understand how to make Amazon work for you, not against you.

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With powerful tools, we perform a thorough review of the competitive landscape to understand category trends and opportunities for your brand.

Amazon reporting data is consolidated to provide you a total view of performance, including its relationship relative to the competition.

New features are added to Amazon monthly. The brands that are successful over the long term are constantly testing to find what works.

Our blend of tools, grit, and experience can help find the path of least resistance to scale your brand on Amazon.

What We offer

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Account Launch

Not on Amazon yet? No problem. We’ll walk you through the process of getting your seller account created, your brand registered and your inventory ready to be sold.
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Product Listing Optimization (SEO)

Before thinking about scaling via advertising, it’s critical that your product listings (images, titles, bullets, etc.) are first optimized for conversion.
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Sponsored Ads

We’ll find opportunities to grow ad sales and cut wasteful spend with a personalized strategy aligned to your targets.
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Creative Content

Our team can help create and/or edit assets for video, A+ Content and your brand’s Storefront.
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Brand Enforcement

If any other sellers are infringing on your copyright or patents, it important to take action as soon as possible.
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Market Entry

Amazon is growing the fastest internationally, and they’ve announced recent initiatives to help incentivize US sellers to make the leap to Amazon markets in Canada, Mexico, EU, Asia and the Middle East.
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Other Marketplaces

Depending on your brand, other large marketplaces like eBay and Walmart may be worth increasing your presence on as well.

Case Study:

Giant Loop

Check out the way Algofy enhanced a motorcycle luggage brand’s performance by optimizing it's Amazon efforts and prioritizing customer experience.

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Why should I invest in growing my brand on Amazon if my margins are lower?

Over 60% of online shoppers start their search on Amazon (a number that has been increasing each year for the past decade). For this reason, any digital strategy that doesn’t include a growth plan on the world’s largest marketplace isn’t built for the long-term.

I keep running into issues and Amazon support isn’t helpful. What can I do?

After years of experience, it’s become clear that getting cases resolved through Amazon support is a numbers game. It’s common to have to submit multiple cases, follow up several times and speak to different people until your problem is fixed. Our success rate on our client’s behalf to get cases resolved is high, but we’ve had to develop a strong capacity for patience along the way.

What is Algofy AI?

Algofy AI is a platform that allows us to use automated features for PPC bidding and targeting based on your KPIs. While the automation helps save time, even more important is the platform's ability to identify opportunities in the account and provide recommendations to improve performance.

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The Algofy team have proven themselves to be invaluable partners to EarthCruiser in expanding both our brand reach and product demand in a strategic, data-driven manner.


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