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Where Design meets Data

This service is where our passions of artistic design and data analysis collide. Our goal is to compel your audience to act through effective messaging and visually engaging campaigns, helping you stand out from the crowded competition.

Scroll-Stopping Creatives

Adapt to

Performance-Driven Design

Performance-Driven Design

Our best practices have been refined over time based on what consistently drives the best results.

Scroll-Stopping Creatives

Beautiful, technical, funny…whatever resonates well with your customers will shine through.

Adapt to Grow

It’s been proven that the efficacy of creative content quickly diminishes when viewed multiple times. Don’t get stuck spending money on stale ads to the same customers.

What We offer

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Graphic Design

Static content for Facebook/Instagram ads, lifestyle product images, email newsletters, website banners – you name it, we do it.
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Motion Design

When it comes to attention-grabbing, there’s no substitute for motion. That’s why we heavily leverage our experience with 2D and 3D animation/effects to drive results.
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Video Editing

Have a long clip (or several clips) that needs to be cut down for a catchy ad? We can help.
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For when an artistic touch is needed to make your product or service shine.
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Convey your brand’s story, mission, and vision with eye-catching and meaningful visual content that will attract the right customers and increase the conversion rate.
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Creative Strategy

Get a team of professionals to assist you in creating a strategic and creative approach to the next steps of your company’s development.

Case Study:


Find out how Algofy assisted at building up an overlanding brand from a Kickstarter campaign to a highly trafficked site and successful ecommerce platform.

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Lead Generation
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Why is it important to regularly refresh creative content?

It’s been shown that most successful brands launch 11 times more ad creatives, which are continuously being tested and optimized for performance.

How many creatives are needed to support our digital marketing strategy?

We make use of existing brand data, competition analysis, platform knowledge, and market research tools to ensure you reach the right audience mix to generate results for your brand. Whether those are completely new customers, users similar to your current customer base, or users that know your brand but just need that final (gentle) push towards purchasing your product, or signing up for your service.

How can I stand out and get revenue from Social ads?

The key to a profitable social ads strategy lies in measuring as many relevant user interactions as possible and continuous data driven testing to identify opportunities that match your brand’s unique needs and goals. We will help you reach your potential customer in their preferred Social app, at the right time with appealing content.

What do we need to get started?

We like to keep it simple. Once you fill out our Brand Guidelines Survey, we’ll have everything we need to deliver a strategic proposal for getting started on your project.

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The Algofy team have proven themselves to be invaluable partners to EarthCruiser in expanding both our brand reach and product demand in a strategic, data-driven manner.


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