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Don’t let your marketing investments go to waste - make them work for you with Algofy’s conversion rate optimization tactics. We ensure a smooth customer experience with every detail, from landing pages to CTAs, to turn your website’s visitors into clients and accelerate ROI.

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Analyze visitor behavior to identify areas of improvement and user abandonment.

Formulate and prioritize a hypothesis to improve performance.

Setup and perform A/B testing based on the hypothesis.

Implement better performing variants after obtaining statistically significant results.

What We offer

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Visitor behavioral analysis

Algofy conducts a thorough qualitative research of your website visitors’ behavior to determine experience breakages.
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A/B and variant Testing

We compare the users’ response to page variants, analyze the results, and implement the gained insights in the CRO strategy.
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Landing Page optimization

Our team improves existing website elements or creates new custom landing pages that match your conversion goals.
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Mobile optimization

Your updated website will be responsive and convenient for users across channels, including both desktop and mobile devices.
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Accessibility testing

We will conduct testing to ensure that your sites are usable and accessible for as every visitors and Client.

Case Study:


Discover how Algofy improved conversion rates, maximized ad strategy returns, and boosted sales of an outdoor apparel brand in a highly competitive market.

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What is conversion rate optimization?

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the process of increasing the percentage of users who perform a desired action on a website, such as signing up for a service, buying a product, or filling out a contact form. This is done by performing user behavior analysis, A/B testing, and implementing changes based on the information received.

What tools do you use for CRO?

The tools we use to collect data about your website and its visitors to identify optimization opportunities and track progress include Google Optimize, Crazy Egg, and Google Analytics.

What kind of things do you normally test?

Every aspect of your website can be tested. It can be anything from minor changes in headlines and CTAs to layout shifts and page speed improvement. Our team will identify what tests your business needs most to start out strong and prioritize them. As the conversion rate begins to increase, we will shift the focus to secondary elements.

What kind of business should consider CRO?

Every business is sure to benefit from well-executed CRO, as it brings more clients, increases website profits, leverages current traffic, and lowers customer acquisition costs. That being said, the bigger the business, the more it can gain from CRO.

How do you conduct A/B tests?

After formulating the hypothesis, we create a copy of a webpage with an introduced change and split the traffic. This way, we can see which version performs better and determine the main focal points.

Understand user behavior and channel it to drive maximum returns

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