12 Benefits of the Outdoor Enthusiast Lifestyle

12 Benefits of the Outdoor Enthusiast Lifestyle

Outdoor enthusiast (noun): a person who loves nature and being outdoors. 

Outdoor enthusiasts regularly engage in outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, swimming, walking, running, or anything else one can do outside. 

Their lifestyle consists of constantly finding ways to maximize outdoor time. For example, an outdoor enthusiast’s typical day may include waking up early to run, cycling to work, taking a walk on their lunch break, cycling home, and then going back outside to play tennis or some other sport or going for a sunset walk. 

Apart from doing physical activity outdoors, outdoor enthusiasts may also love to read books outside, relax by the pool, take care of a garden, cook and eat outdoors, and find any possible outdoor activity. Outdoor enthusiasts jump at any chance to be in nature.

At Algofy, we love and embody the outdoor enthusiast lifestyle, so we thought we’d share some of its benefits.

Two Algofy team members at our recent kayaking excursion. 

1. Increased Vitamin D Levels

Sun exposure from the outdoors increases the body’s production of vitamin D. Maintaining a normal vitamin D level is essential for preventing diseases, improving mental health, boosting the immune system, and keeping your bones healthy. 

2. Improved Cognitive Abilities

Sports like rock climbing, hiking, kayaking, and other forms of exercise help boost cognitive abilities like memory, motor coordination, cognition, and even critical thinking and problem-solving. 

3. Increased Flexibility 

You regularly stretch your muscles when you’re living such an active lifestyle full of movement and exercise. Daily stretching leads to increased flexibility, which improves posture and mobility, and reduces the risk of injury. 

4. Lower Blood Pressure

Walking or being outdoors immersed in nature can lower blood pressure. Studies show that even just 30 minutes in nature lowers blood pressure compared to living in a city. 

5. Disconnection from Technology

More time outdoors means less time spent on your phone, computer, or TV. Many outdoor enthusiasts go on hikes where they don’t even have cell service. Spending time disconnected from the rest of the world can be relieving and refreshing. 

6. Healthy Diet

Eating a healthy diet and living the outdoor enthusiast lifestyle go hand in hand. So chances are, if you’re spending a lot of time outdoors or exercising, you’re also eating healthy. After all, your body needs the proper fuel to stay energized during all your outdoor adventures. 

7. Regulated Circadian Rhythm

Many outdoor enthusiasts wake up early in the morning, exposing their eyes to natural light within a short period of waking. This initial sunlight exposure helps to regulate the circadian rhythm, which leads to the next benefit of the outdoor enthusiast lifestyle. 

8. Better Sleep

You can sleep better at night by regulating your circadian rhythm each day. By spending time outdoors, your body clock resets and therefore releases melatonin when it’s supposed to. As a result, you can fall asleep quicker and sleep more soundly.

9. Improved Mood and Concentration

Being outdoors boosts your mood and concentration. Natural environments like forests and beaches can have therapeutic effects on your mind and body. The serotonin levels in your body increase when outdoors, improving your mood. Additionally, studies have shown that just 20 minutes of walking in parks improve the concentration of children with ADHD. The same goes for adults. 

10. Reduce Stress

Another way the outdoors can improve your mental health is by reducing stress. Cortisol levels decrease when you’re surrounded by nature. Nature’s calming effect is contagious and can even reduce depression and anxiety. 

11. Boosts immune system

Spending time in nature can boost your immune system by challenging it regularly. Harmless microorganisms in nature help train your immune system for more severe infections. Over time, this can help your immune system become stronger. 

12. Emotional Recharge

Being outdoors can help to recharge your body emotionally and mentally. After taking a long walk, you may feel happier, more positive, and more motivated. You’ll come home feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the next task of the day. Even just sitting outdoors calms your mind and reduces your heart rate. 

A woman sits outside undisturbed, taking in the peaceful terrain. 

So there you have it, 12 benefits of the outdoor enthusiast lifestyle. Now it’s time to get outside, immerse yourself in outdoor activities and get moving!

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