4 Outdoor brands Committed to Value-Based Marketing

4 Outdoor brands Committed to Value-Based Marketing

Within the outdoor industry, value-based marketing has proven to be a successful strategy for attracting customers. However, while our audience members are becoming more savvy and concerned with the authenticity of brands, it is time for company values to shine. 

A study in 2021 said 90% of consumers are looking for authenticity in the brands they shop from. This is especially important in the outdoor industry due to its direct link to environmental issues. 

In this article, we will dive into value-based marketing, why it is important, and show 4 examples of rockstar companies nailing this marketing strategy. 

What is Value-Based Marketing?

Value-based marketing is when a company's marketing strategy works to appeal to the values and ethics of its consumer base. Whether that looks like ethically-sourced materials or donating to a non-profit of their choosing, value-based marketing shows your audience that you care about something beyond selling your product. 

Value-based marketing is also successful in attracting the right audience. If a brand promotes a cause they are passionate about, and people have similar interests, it is a great way to start a customer relationship. 

Why Does it Matter in the Outdoor Industry?

The outdoor industry is presented with a unique opportunity for value-based marketing. Because of the nature of products and services within the industry, it is fair to say most- if not all, consumers have similar respect and love for the environment and are concerned with protecting it. 

Because the outdoor industry's audience has some core values, companies can brainstorm ideas of how best to connect the brand values to those of their customers. 

However, it is important to note that in value-based marketing, it is important to back your values with action. The consumer base wants to see what you’re actually doing in relation to implementing your values.

4 Killer Examples 

Let's take a look at four outdoor brands committed to value-based marketing. Each of these four companies has shown its commitment to the environment in big ways. Please pay close attention to the values important to the company and how they relate to and attract customers via value-based marketing efforts. 

Save the Duck

Save the Duck is a 100% vegan and cruelty-free outdoor wear company based in Italy. Founded in 2012, Save the Duck focuses its marketing efforts on highlighting its "100% animal-free" clothing built to last in the outdoors. 

The brand's website highlights specific collections inspired by respected environmental and humanitarian organizations like Sea Shepherd or Save the Children. These collabs are created to communicate to its audience how committed it is to the values it promotes. 

While Save the Duck revolves around animal-safe products, its efforts are also towards supporting other organizations or brands with similar goals. 

Here are a few examples of Save the Duck going above and beyond to support its values:

  • On January 16th, 2021, inga Tenzi Sherpa summited K2 in a 100% sustainable down jacket for the first time
  • In 2019, Save the Duck became the first fashion company in Italy to be B-Corp certified
  • In 2020, Save the Duck created a genderless outerwear collection with M Missoni 

All of Save the Ducks' efforts are linked to its core value of creating animal-free, sustainable outerwear, but it has done so in vastly different ways. 



PrAna is a clothing brand born in California in 1992. While they provide clothing for however you choose to move your body, their company values are rooted in creating apparel with a higher purpose. 

The company's mission statement reads: "We strive to responsibly outfit those journeys with respect for the planet and its people. Furthermore, we commit to education and exploration in the name of progress, so we can all create positive change."

With audience members getting savvier and having higher expectations of brands today, PrAna is active in its sustainability efforts, so their words are not seen as just lip service. 

In 2021, PrAna met its goal of having 100% plastic-free packaging for all its products. In 2022, the brand incorporated recycled cotton into its products. PrAna is transparent in its process and shares with its consumers that they are striving for progress in its efforts to support people and the planet. 

Having a strong mission statement is a great way to hook your audience, but to maintain good customer relationships, a brand needs to back those words up with action. PrAna has done just that and shares its progress in easy-to-understand ways so consumers can see positive change at a glance. 


SmartWool- an all-time favorite sock brand for many people- is another excellent example of value-based marketing used in the outdoor sector. 

The brand has committed itself to positively impacting the planet, sharing these words, "For us, it doesn't just start with our product, but with our community and our planet."

These words are backed by a 10-year road map sharing its goals and achievements in working towards making a better community and planet. These efforts are also a place of connection for the company and consumers. SmartWool encourages its audience to join in on its sustainability efforts by staying current on the company's progress, and shopping and buying sustainably. 

The North Face Renewed

The North Face is one of the most popular outdoor brands out there. With a large following and huge visibility, TNF needs to have sustainability efforts to match the expectations of the outdoor community. 

In 2018, TNF launched its resale program called Renewed. The idea behind Renewed was to inspire upcycling and buying second-hand products to lower garment waste in landfills. The company is transparent about the 8-step gear selection and sale process and encourages people to donate their loved products. 

This is a huge effort by TNF to share and promote its company values with a large audience. Creating another branch of the company solely dedicated to reusing and recycling outdoor gear tells the customers a lot about the type of company they buy from. 

Essentially, Renewed tells customers they are committed to bettering the environment and making measurable change. So while it may be more profitable for the company only to sell brand new products at a higher price point, that wouldn't align with its goals and mission as a company. 

Getting Started with Value-Based Marketing 

Whether your brand is looking to make an entirely new branch of business or simply start by donating small monetary amounts to sustainability efforts, customers notice when a brand is authentic in its values. 

Companies can do a lot to create value-based marketing strategies to better connect to their customers. However, the most important thing to remember is consumers are concerned with how you show up for the planet when it comes to outdoor brands. 

Authenticity is key in making and achieving goals that can be pretty simple. So if your brand is looking to switch to value-based marketing, here are a few things to consider:

  • Why did you start your brand?
  • What change would you like to see on our planet?
  • What can your brand do to change the planet for the better?

These questions are simple and should come easy if sustainability is a priority in your life or business. 

There are many ways to make a change and show your audience that you care. You can start small and work your way up to create big, attention-grabbing change- if you want!

Wrapping Up

As a marketing agency, we cannot tell you your values; that takes some internal company "soul-searching." However, we can help you find and create effective ways to implement those values. 

Finding creative solutions within value-based marketing is a task we are up for here at Algofy. Whatever you are looking to do for our planet, we are here to help you make that journey a positive experience. 

You can use our nine different services in any combination to make your goals a reality. So reach out today to learn more about developing your value-based marketing strategy. 

Are you ready to grow?

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