Digital Marketing Ideas For Summer 2023

Digital Marketing Ideas For Summer 2023

Q2. As an outdoor brand, you either love it or hate it. Whether the summer months mark your on or off season, there are plenty of opportunities that your brand can capitalize on to expand your audience and increase your revenue. In this article, we’ll review a few digital marketing ideas for summer 2023 that are guaranteed to be a surefire success for your outdoor brand – keep reading!

Launch a Survey to Gather Feedback

It always feels good when someone takes the time to consider your opinion and ask what you think about something, and customers are no different. This summer, think of ways that you can gather feedback from your audience, allowing you to make changes and prepare before the busy holiday season. One such way to gather feedback is through a survey. By utilizing your existing email lists and customer base to gather feedback, you’re not only showing customers you care, you’re also learning how to serve them better.

If you create a customer feedback survey, consider how and to whom it will be distributed. Is it available for everyone? Online or in-person? Only looking for the opinions of regulars and close friends? Whatever you decide, your customers will probably be happy to get in on the action. There tends to be an idea that only positive praise is good feedback, but “bad” feedback and learning about what you’re doing wrong is just as important, or you’ll never get better. Not to mention, including an interactive aspect in your content (like a survey) is the perfect way to keep audience members engaged.

Host a Virtual Event or Workshop

If you can’t get your gang together in person, hosting a virtual event or workshop is a strategy that allows you to connect with your audience, position yourself as an industry leader, and generate valuable leads. With the right planning and execution, virtual events offer numerous advantages in terms of reach, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness.

During the virtual event or workshop, focus on delivering valuable and engaging content. Utilize platforms like live streaming, video conferencing, or webinar software to create an immersive experience that your audience members are sure to appreciate. Incorporate interactive elements such as Q&A sessions, polls, and live chat to encourage participation and foster meaningful connections. Leverage the power of social media by creating event-specific hashtags, encouraging attendees to share their insights and experiences, and curating user-generated content.

After the event, continue the conversation and nurture relationships with attendees. Provide post-event resources such as recordings, slide decks, or supplementary materials to extend the value and reach of your event. Follow up with personalized emails to express gratitude, share additional resources, and offer exclusive post-event promotions or discounts.

Optimize Your Website for Conversions

Optimizing your website is crucial to captivate outdoor enthusiasts, showcase your products or services, and drive conversions, and it’s a great tactic to take care of during the summer, right ahead of the busy holiday season. With the right approach, you can create a user-friendly online experience that aligns with the adventurous spirit of your target audience while also highlighting what makes your gear and apparel unique and keeping customers locked in during their journey.

You should be using high-quality images, graphics, and visuals across the page, paired with clear and concise copy that makes your brand’s value immediately clear. Each word on your website has power! It’s either keeping people in or turning them away – it’s your choice! Other changes you can consider making include adding UGC or other forms of social proof on your homepage, moving valuable content above the fold, and adding sticky CTAs that remain on-screen as a user scrolls.

If you think your website could use a revamp but aren’t sure how or where our CRO service could be just the perfect solution for you this summer.

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Collaborate with Influencers

Another way to ring in the warm months is by collaborating with local influencers. Influencers can offer huge exposure to your brand or niche by connecting you with their existing audience of followers, who often see them as a source of credibility or relatability (hence the name influencer). 

You can get creative with your influencer partnerships, and they don’t just need to be an organic post or video. What if you gave an influencer a small badge on one of your products (e.g., “ so and so’s favorite”) or created and shared guides like what to wear? Each of these plays off of the exposure that influencers offer without it being as black and white as a sponsored post or video.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, summer 2023 presents a range of exciting digital marketing opportunities for outdoor brands. By launching surveys to gather feedback from your audience, for example, you can demonstrate your commitment to customer satisfaction while gaining valuable insights to enhance your offerings. Hosting virtual events or workshops, on the other hand, allows you to connect with your audience, establish credibility, and generate leads, all while leveraging interactive platforms and social media engagement. Embrace these digital marketing ideas to make the most of summer 2023 and elevate your outdoor brand to new heights.

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